Fresh, Real & 100% Natural Ingredients

“Real” ingredients mean shredded chicken, minced beef, flaked fish, whole shrimps, and diced carrots. Our recipes contain all the good stuff and nothing that shouldn’t be in there.


High Quality Whole-Food Protein First

The #1 ingredient, the protein in all our recipes comes from high-quality animal sources, like chicken, beef, fish, and whole prawns.


Super foods Enriched

Ultra-nutritious superfoods, like turmeric, kelp, pumpkin, and carrots give pets a boost of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.


No Fillers.Nothing Fake

No animal by-products, corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Our philosophy is simple; we are committed to providing the highest quality natural pet food with an emphasis on nutrition value, palatability, safety and convenience for pet parents. We strictly avoid the use of corn. In place of high-glycemic grains such as corn or wheat, our pet food recipes for dogs and cats contain a full complement of regional vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato, and russet potatoes. While providing a limited amount of carbohydrates, vegetables provide important vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a natural and form. Majority of commercial pet food brands contain corn as a major/primary ingredient. However, the fact is: pets are obligate carnivores, especially cats and require a species appropriate, limited ingredient, natural diet.

Real Recipes With Real Benefits

Energy, Stronger Bones & Teeth, Healthier Skin & Coat, Maintained Weight, Stronger Immune System.

Real Recipes With Real Benefits

In order to switch to a healthier pet food, you must do so in stages, so your pet’s tummy can adjust to the new rich ingredients.

Day 1-3: 25% Day 4-7: 50% Day 8-10: 75% Day 11 onwards: 100%